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Can stress cause physical disorders in the human body?

Stress not only contains the ability to destroy the quality of our lives both mentally and emotionally, but stress can cause a number of serious physical disorders that are associated with recurrent stress and chronic stress. Most people do not understand this fact and thus continue to wear down both their bodies and mind not knowing how to deal with the root cause – stress.

For many people who leave stress untreated for years and years in their life, disorders like high blood pressure and diabetes begin to materialize and cause sickness. These two physical ailments can typically be taken care of with stress reduction techniques, but others are more serious which may lead to death.

One such serious disorder is heart disease. When a man or a woman has a sudden heart attack, it is often preceded by some sort of stressful event. For example, you will find statistics that show many more heart attacks in areas where there has been a large stressful event such as an earthquake, where hundreds or thousands of lives were affected by it.

Another heart related ailment that is stress related is called Angina. Angina is a heart muscle pain that is caused by a deficiency of oxygen reaching the heart muscle cells. When there is an increase in oxygen demand that coincides with narrowed cardiac arteries for example, angina is the result.

If you are living a very high stressed life or dealing with chronic stress problems then another physical ailment that you are in danger of is called diabetes mellitus. Chronic stress has been shown to precipitate insulin resistance. This contributes to the onset of diabetes.

Chronic stress also causes serious problems with the digestive system. In fact, digestion may be paused during the “fight or flight” response, and ongoing stress impedes its progress. The fight or flight response can come in the form of any type of event where your mind is in great fear.

When this happens, blood concentrations of sugars and fats rise during the stressful event, which puts a demand on the pancreas to supply insulin. Over time, the body becomes insulin-resistant.

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