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Almost everyone must have experienced stress, but would anyone be able to handle it well? Not necessarily. There are some people who already have the means to overcome the stress they experience, some others may be too protracted so that the impact of increasingly severe stress. Many of the experiences that offer a variety of ways to cope with stress, and of course that all is not necessarily suitable for everyone. Basically we have to maintain a balance ourselves in many ways to avoid stress, here are some tips that maybe you can try when you start feeling signs of stress and a sense of "emptiness" in living your activity. These tips my friend synthesis of various experiences and great people I ever met in this life.

  • Look at water in the pond

The pool is meant here is the fish pond. Try to imagine when poked your head above water pool, what can you see? 1. You'll see the fish swimming freely. Now the analogy yourself such as fish. Basically, you have freedom, you are free to find happiness, then for what you continue to dissolve in grief and burden. 2. Crystal clear water you can see, hear and feel the coolness gemericiknya, this can help relax your mind. 3. You can see the shadow of your face, see that your face is so cute, so too bad if the sadness and fatigue are always visible.

  • Sleeping with a different position than usual

There may be no direct relationship with stress, but how this can be tried because it can change the mood to rest and to provide a new atmosphere

  • Eat your favorite foods

This method is mostly done, nobody likes to eat sweets when stressed, nobody likes to eat and there are also many who eat spicy food when strees. This interrupted individual taste. What is clear for some people to eat their favorite meals are able to restore their morale.

  • Mop floors

A bit odd really. But this way I found to someone. Maybe your friends can try it. Originally by ngepel own room, rooms so clean, fragrant and comfortable to live in, this can enhance our mood and spirit for the rest we can get back. But it would be very useful also when the rooms of others were also in pelkan too ... hehehe. Add a reward!

  • Walk away

Walking here in the context of walking alone. According to sources I encountered while walking we can express our resentment if we're upset or introspection. Many things also that we can meet when walking, may meet with people who are not more fortunate than us so it can add a sense of gratitude, or can also meet the wise man who actually gave us a lot of new spirit. Can also meet old friends so we can reminisce with the beautiful things first. Anyway the important moment is the moment of introspection, with introspection, we can find an appropriate way to address our problems.

  • Create article

This is even stranger. People were told to write the stress instead? Where can! Upss wait, it is the tips that I dug from a successful writer. It turned out that by writing some of our feelings will channeled through the text. Feelings of sadness, anger, resentment will disappear after the write. I was different again, when I'm sad, upset, angry I write it in the form of a letter, but the letters keep me save it, and if one day I read the letters big enough to make me laugh, good laugh at myself and laugh events that occurred at that time.

  • Look at photos of our parents

Parents are indeed remarkable spirit. Be thankful friend if both your parents are still there, because they can be the spirit for you. Surely you do not want to disappoint them though right? Make a friend's apartment away from their parents, these tips might be helpful to mengambalikan your spirit. I am inspired by the film 3 idiot, because I'm watching? I've watched it 9x. very inspiring ... but of course must be able to filter out the good, the good and the bad we take our raw waste. Ok.

  • Rest, eat, and exercising regularly

Usually stress induced by our conditions of stable sodium absorption ratio, usually appear when the condition of our body fatigue. The hard workers who spend their everyday work, especially for those of you who run an Internet business, of course you all night vigil in front of the computer to work. There are times when you must pay attention to your body condition, with adequate rest in bed, maybe you can reduce tension in front of the computer. Sports are simply too important to stretch the muscles of our body. In addition to the sports we can maintain fitness and staminakita so it does not easily tired and stressed. This diet is also very important to be maintained, late meals and foods that do not meet nutritional needs can also trigger stress.

  • Vacation

There are times when we need a holiday, whether with friends or family. You can also anywhere depending on individual taste. Vacation here you can eliminate fatigue on routine activity that you do.

  • Prayer

Tips for last when all the ways you have to do is pray. Pray to God that provided health care, bring myself to Him, pray, and always say thanks for all the abundance of His blessings. It has a big influence so that you avoid the attack of severe stress.

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