Kamis, 22 April 2010

Holistic Drug Treatment Options

Drugs can be abused in many different ways and there is no typical scenario for all drug addicts. The types of drugs that are abused are countless and can include both street drugs and prescription drugs. Drug addicts are found in all parts of society, but regardless of the social background of an addict, recovering from an addiction is very hard. Traditional drug treatment programs, such as the well-known 12-step program, focus on the belief that substance addiction is a disease. This belief typically sets addicts up for failure because the first lesson taught in a treatment session is that addiction is a disease over which they have no control; therefore they believe that they can never become drug-free without lifelong support and treatment. Holistic drug treatment takes a completely different approach to the addiction, and offers freedom from such dependent thinking.

Holistic drug treatment was developed with the idea that addiction is not a disease, and that if addicts are ready, they can conquer their addictions. With the guidance and support of well-trained, experienced staff members at a Narconon holistic drug treatment center, addicts are able to regain control of their lives. Narconon is one the most successful holistic drug treatment centers in the nation, with a proven success rate of 76% of graduates choosing to remain drug-free after 5 years, while conventional treatment programs can boast a success rate of only 15-20%.

The Narconon holistic drug treatment program has great success because of the alternate approach to defeat drug addiction. Students begin the program with holistic drug detox, which rids their bodies of the residuals left behind from the drugs they’ve consumed. Such drug residues, if not removed from the body, can trigger drug cravings even years after the drug was last consumed, which can lead to a relapse. Removing the drug residues through holistic drug treatment reduces the chance of confronting future cravings.

In addition to holistic drug detox, the Narconon drug rehab program will teach students how to deal with the pressures of everyday life, how to practice self-control, and ultimately, how to defeat their addiction to drugs.

The purpose of the Narconon rehab program is to assist students in starting a new, drug-free life. Every student is unique and will require a different amount of time to satisfactorily complete the holistic drug treatment program. For this reason the Narconon program does not follow a strict timeline. While students in this program typically take 3-6 months the complete the program, the duration is entirely dependent on each student and their individual progress. Since the Narconon program is dedicated to the success of the addict, all portions of the rehabilitation treatment are included in the flat rate, regardless of the duration of time spent in rehab. That allows the addict and their loved ones to be able to focus on what is important during this very important process in their lives; recovery from the addiction.

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