Rabu, 21 April 2010

Holistic Alcohol Treatment and Rehab

Alcohol addiction is real and for those with the addiction, it may appear difficult to escape. However, when an alcoholic chooses to seek help, it may feel as if the options are limited. There are different schools of thought regarding the classification of alcoholism, and whether or not it is a disease. Most commonly, addicts subscribe to the belief that alcoholism is a disease that is beyond their control. Most rehab programs subscribe to the disease belief, which limits the choices for an alcoholic that seeks treatment, because a disease cannot be “cured”, it can only be “managed”. Holistic alcohol rehab is centered on the belief that alcoholism is not a disease and that a person who wishes to conquer his addiction can do so and is only limited by the barriers that he himself puts there.

Holistic alcohol treatment was developed to provide the opportunity for alcoholics to defeat their own addictions, without the crutch of claiming the inability to control their “diseases.” In traditional treatment programs that focus on the disease concept, graduates have a low chance of success because they are taught as their very first principle, that alcoholism is a disease over which they have no control. This immediately puts them on a path of apathy and despair. If they do not continue to attend meetings or receive treatment, they will be unable to control the urges and will surely relapse. At holistic alcohol treatment centers students begin their recovery with detoxification and are then taught how to understand and control their urges. Any student that chooses to attend alcohol rehab at Narconon participates in a holistic alcohol detox that removes as many residual chemicals from the body as possible, which means that the graduate is less likely to face recurrent cravings. Upon completion of holistic alcohol treatment, the former addict is equipped with the skills to successfully live an alcohol-free life.

Holistic alcohol rehab provides a powerful means for an alcoholic to overcome his addiction for good. Rather than treating alcoholism as a disease that controls the addict, holistic alcohol recovery relies on teaching clients to take responsibility for their own actions, to control their own decisions without reacting negatively to the stresses of life, and to learn to live life with hope for the future. Holistic alcohol treatment has documented success rates that far exceed the success rates of traditional disease-based alcoholism treatment. Narconon is a leader in the field of alcoholism treatment with 76% of its graduates choosing to remain off drugs and alcohol and become again happy and productive members of society.

If you are ready to conquer your alcohol addiction and to live alcohol-free for good, holistic alcohol rehab at a Narconon facility will teach you the skills you need to be successful.

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